Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some of Us Got It, Some of Us Got More of It!

You know how it is. Some mornings you get up and you just know you've got it going on. It's a good hair day, you feel pretty in the outfit you've chosen, your skin has cleared up, those last few pounds are finally gone...yeah, one of those days.

My sweet cupcake, Lily Joy, at 2 months old. She's looking too 'something' for her shirt!


kim* said...

i love her in her tiny jeans

Ivys Vine - Beadyize said...

Yeah, she IS too cute in that suit! Hi Lynne, you left a comment on my blog... so I thought I'd visit yours! Yeah, I would say we have more in common than you know... my maiden name is Clarke... I'm also related to Clarks cause the "e" was added.
And I also have a granddaughter. Ryleigh-Lynn is almost 17 mos. I will look at your website soon. Still trying to figure all this out... I'm very new at this.

So thanks for visiting MY Beadyize... vintage bead boutique in Ohio and I would be happy to add yours to my page... as soon as I figure out how! Ok?
Carolyn Clarke Huffman

Auntie Dis said...

Oh the cuteness! She is a DOLL! And she definitely has it going on! :)

Carol said...

She's so beautiful, Lynne. I know exactly how your world has changed!!
And the cupcake shirt? Priceless....just like her!

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