Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grandma's Prayer

I knew I was happy
(I was certainly content)
Then along came Lily
And up it all went
The ideas I had
About how I should spend
All of my days
Laid end upon end

God please give me strength
To hoist and to schleppe
This sweet baby girl
Who is gaining in length

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gimme Chocolate Everyday: Weight Loss Journey

I just joined a free online weight loss site ( instead of joining one of the ubiquitous diet centers. I have promised myself for years that I would never go on another 'quick fix' diet again. I know that the fix is indeed quick, but so is the time it takes for the weight to come back on. Weight Watchers was a winner for me for a number of years, but I'm feeling too lazy to join something that requires that level of attention to detail (hm, I think I may be unearthing some reasons for my recent weight gain).

So, back to the quick fix solution. Those commercials they air... those almost got to me. My daughter and I would speak in hushed admiring voices, "Did you see the Valerie Bertinelli swimsuit commercial?!?" That's what hooked me almost to the point of going for it.

Then I started thinking about the prepackaged food. How much I'd have to pay for the prepackaged food. How hungry I would get and then still end up scarfing my own food. How my blood sugar levels would probably drop through the floor. How my head would hurt because I was hungry and eating all that prepackaged food. Let's face it - the prepackaged food was my undoing.

So now I'm trying to keep my online food diary with sparkpeople, which I find pretty easy. If you find the food in their list it retrieves all of the pertinent information for you, and if it doesn't exist you can easily add it. It does a lot of other things too, like provide pie charts showing which categories of food you ate and why those were either good or bad choices. I love pie! I digress....

Today while I was lying to my laptop about what I'd just eaten I looked up and saw my little Lily grinning up at me and I thought, I can't wait until she's old enough to bake chocolate chip cookies wit
h me!

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