Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Serendipity: happy accident; pleasant surprise

Eating my breakfast in our kitchen last November, barely three months after we had moved into our new home, I looked up where the sun was shining through our window over the sink and saw this lovely diamond, hanging precariously from our water faucet. Actually, the water droplet was not as precarious as was the angle of the sun that caused it to strike the exact right spot, creating this beautiful glow.

Dirty dishes surrounded the sink and papers from yesterday's mail were strewn on the kitchen island, waiting to be tossed or filed, but over my sink was a perfect example of serendipity. I wish I could remember what the rest of that day had been like. I'd like to say that I'd had a great day, full of more happy surprises, but I think it was just a regular day for me. 

Each morning for about a week, the sun continued shining in our kitchen window at approximately the same angle, creating the same beautiful effect. I do remember looking forward to seeing it everyday. I felt a little disappointed when it stopped, when the sun moved on down, getting closer each day to its lowest point, signaling the beginning of winter. I look forward to seeing it again next November. 

It's the little things in life, isn't it, that can bring such joy if we are paying attention and allowing that vulnerable spot inside us to be touched by small gifts given.

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