Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Healthy Sandwich Recipe (who says I can't cook?!?)

Some days it can be difficult to write anything terribly interesting. Those days can sometimes lead to a post about food, a favorite subject of mine. 

This probably doesn't qualify as a recipe, per se, but I am so in love with this sandwich I just have to share it, even though it really is just your basic sandwich. Total calories falls around 500, and since this is all I eat for lunch (no added chips, etc.) I feel pretty righteous. I can't survive the afternoon on just a couple hundred calories.

Of course, using great ingredients is key. I love Rudi's honey sweet whole wheat bread, Inglehoffer honey mustard, and Hain safflower mayonnaise. (I'm beginning to sound like an ad, but I've tried a lot of breads and condiments in my day, and these are my favorites to-date.)

Okay, let's skip to the meat of the subject, so to speak. Whole Foods carries packaged carving board-style lunchmeat that doesn't have any preservatives in it. I also get packaged pre-sliced cheese (Swiss works well), which makes the construction easy. But the piece de resistance is the sliced apple, usually Fuji. I have used pear also, which is equally tasty.

I am starving right now, as I write this, and it's almost lunchtime. My crystal ball tells me this is in my future....

1 comment:

Carol said...

Hmmmmm....I'm a sandwich-for-lunch girl myself....and agree with you that I need something of substance to make it through the afternoon. This looks delicious, Lynne! xoxoxo

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