Thursday, October 7, 2010

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be ...

Lately each day has been such a gift.

Monday I have Lily with me all day. We've missed each other over the weekend and we play and cuddle and the day races by until all of a sudden it's over.

Tuesday Lily is over at Auntie's house so I'm left on my own to take care of doctor's appointments, hair appointments, shopping, errands, or my favorite, staying in my studio to paw through my gemstones and sterling silver goodies so I can get started making a new piece of jewelry to list in my online Etsy shop (

Wednesday Lily is back with me and we've got gymnastics for 45 minutes in the late morning. Even this short interlude breaks up our day enough so that the time we spend after we get home from this activity seems to fly by. If Lily naps for 2 hours after lunch, I get a big block of time to spend on myself, but lately her naps have gotten shorter which means more is required of me from her.

Thursday is another day of Lily at Auntie's house so I spend more time being my own boss to prioritize my time. Sometimes I feel so foot loose and directionless that I just sit on a stool for a while and stare off into space until an image forms in my mind of what my next move is going to be. Using this method to figure out how to manage my time reveals to me just how ineffective it is, but since I like sitting on a stool letting my mind wander, I still indulge myself sometimes.

Friday is usually another day with Lily, but this week I'm taking a 'vacation' day on Friday so I can go to the Gem Faire being held at the Scottish Rite Center in Sacramento. I'm taking my large travel-size purse that is full of compartments and has a wide strap that I can put around one shoulder to distribute the weight of all those gemstones I'm going to buy. I'll wear comfortable shoes, have at least one snack handy in my purse, my seller's permit tucked away just in case anyone wants to give me a discount, and my shopping list, which I'll probably ignore 90% of the time that I'm there.

I'm really excited to be going. I hope there will be a reasonable amount of good vendors there. The Sac Gem Faire is not one of the more popular venues for jewelry suppliers to attend, but can still be fun and time well worth spending.

I'm toying with the idea of going to the Tucson Gem Show next February. Since my father lives in Tucson I could probably snag a room at his house with my husband, then drive into town and get a taste of what a full-blown gem show is all about. I feel this will be a rite of passage and something I've dreamed of doing for the last 6 years.

Ok now... so how much money am I budgeting for tomorrow? I think I'll head on over to my stool to figure that one out.


Carol said...

Hope you have a ball, Lynne!! Buy some for me~LOL~xoxoxoxox

Lynne said...

Carol, I'll probably buy enough for several people! Sensory overload, here I come! :)

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