Monday, November 26, 2012


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Santa got a visit from Lily today. He was soooo glad to see her! We avoided all the crowds by going to the mall first thing on a Monday morning after the Thanksgiving holiday. Everyone else was back at work or in school, but not us! We were watching Lily sit on Santa's lap, telling him her heart's deepest desires.

Lily's mom and dad had rehearsed with her so she would know what to say when Santa asked her what she most wanted for Christmas. She practiced a little while we were waiting for Santa to open shop (yeah, we got there early!). Lily was nervous about talking to Santa. She's just that kind of kid - dislikes the unknown, emotionally sensitive, over-thinks things at the tender young age of four. She even said her stomach hurt. Her sensitivity makes her all the more precious to me. I hope she never loses it, but I hope it doesn't make her life too difficult. I asked her if she was nervous and she admitted that she was, but then she loosened up when Santa finally sat on his throne and started ho-ho-ho'ing. 

Happy here-we-go! It's Christmastime!

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